Vitality spa


The pleasure of a vacation also means the well-being of body, mind and soul. Grant yourself some time of total relax and be pampered in our Wellness Center. Recover your energies and regain find your natural beauty.

Wellness Center Price List


Massage is the natural method to dissolve muscular contractions, reactivate the lymphatic system, stimulate circulation and recover body tone. From classic massages to holistic treatments with essential oils, warm applications and medicinal herbs, abandon yourself under our operators’ expert hands.

Discover the water massages and steam baths of the Aqa Wood wet tables. A body treatment with personalized packs that intensify the massage effect; the perfect treatment to eliminate toxins and regain energy.

Beauty treatments

Pamper your face: from steam cleansing with essential oils to treatments with nourishing, regenerating and anti-age products, ideal for men too, to regain a natural luminous skin.

Surrender to a range of treatments from depilation to manicure.

Wellness Trails

Inspired by natural elements, our Wellness Trails offer a complete treatment for specific requirements (minimum duration 2 hours):

  • Earth, to abandon physical tensions and mental stress
  • Water, to drain excess liquids, ideal for liquid retention and cellulite
  • Wood, to detoxify and revitalise the body
  • Fire, to balance emotional states
  • Metal, to dissolve shoulder and neck contractions and to improve breathing